• “To simplify and reduce the cost of water analysis procedures”

  • Our Vision

    To provide affordable laboratory process to the masses without the need for professional training.

  • Why

    Globally, there are reported cases of deaths which could be prevented or reduced if laboratory processes are available to the victims to perform simple on site tests.

    Contaminated Water

    Death: 842 000/year

    Research done by WHO shows that there were 159 million people that relies on surface water. Globally, at least 2 billion people uses drinking sources contaminated with feces which could transmit deadly viruses.


    Death:> 500

    Ebola, a deadly disease spread through bodily fluids has caused more than 500 deaths in medical professionals due to contact with the virus during patient care.



    MERS-CoV, a infectious disease spread by close contact between human has caused 750 deaths out of the 2144 confirmed cases as of 2017

  • What we do

    Lab on a Chip - To simplify tedious laboratory process into a simple portable chip allowing masses to perform essential analysis in fatal situations without the need of professional training.

    Simple 3-Step Protocol


    Load the sample onto the chip


    Allow the sample to flow through the micro channels


    Observe the visual changes in the result chambers

  • How It Works

    Process 1

    Sample Preparation

    Process 2

    Micro Droplets Formation

    Process 3

    Reaction Chamber

  • Our Plan



    We will prepare ourselves by reading through research journals and internet resources of microfluidics. Then we expose ourselves to criticism from families, friends and mentors. As this is catered to the general public, we will get feedback from them and improvise it.



    Use the knowledge gained to create one application for prototype and testing. Carries out further experiments on the general public of different age range to verify our product simplicity.



    Present our product to audiences and Q&A . We will also promote our product to different organisation in hope to bring our product to life.

  • Products/Prototype

    Microfluidics chip

    A small tagline
  • Our Team

    Ni Shenghan


    Shenghan is a hardworking team leader who will collaborate actively with team members to overcome any difficult tasks. His vision is to impart the medical knowledge learnt in polytechnic and generate a solution to benefit the society.

    Chong Jun Xiang


    Jun Xiang is an optimistic student whose passion involves developing new inventions and ideas that could possibly cater to the near future. He also hopes to create an impactful difference in the society.

    Kong Wei


    Kong Wei is a biomedical engineering student in Temasek Polytechnic who hopes to improve the world a little at a time through engineering solutions